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Our Core Values


We collaborate internally and with our clients on a foundation of trust.


We are there for each other and for our clients when we are needed.


Grit = Passion + Perseverance


We want to keep that tinkering mentality and proactively seek out new challenges.

The team behind NexusLeap

Madhav Srinath


Madhav is the founder and CEO of NexusLeap. When he’s not leading our team, partnering with business leaders on analytics initiatives, or writing for publications like Forbes Technology Council and the Economic Times, you can find him on the pickleball court perfecting his game!

Swati Srinath


Swati is the COO of NexusLeap and is dedicated to creating efficient processes and structures that optimize team performance. Beyond work, she loves spending time with her pups, nerding out about coffee, and perfecting her flower arrangements!

Nicolette Keplinger


At NexusLeap, Nicolette leads the data analytics product team, orchestrating seamless alignment between product development and business objectives to maximize value and longevity. Off-duty, she finds joy in exploring state parks with her family, steadily ticking off destinations from her travel list.

Niraj Khatri


Niraj assumes the role of team lead for our data analytics services, utilizing AWS Services, Python/Pyspark, and SQL to build complex business solutions. Beyond the office, he can often be found shooting hoops, exploring new destinations while traveling, and perfecting his salsa moves on the dance floor.

Ronnie Liu


Ronnie is our analytics data architect who is always looking to level up his skills. When he’s not mastering a new AWS service or architecting complex data infrastructure, he enjoys playing the violin and watching soccer.

Emily Barnard


Emily is an Analytics Data Engineer who was a mathematics teacher in a previous life. She specializes in various aspects of data analysis, including cleaning, validation, analysis, and visualization. She applies her curiosity to continue learning in her free time through crossword puzzles and sewing.

Benjamin Bianchi


Benja, an associate analytics engineer, brings a wealth of experience from a machine learning background, adeptly addressing complex business challenges like fraud detection and risk management. Outside of work, Benja enjoys staying active with gym sessions and tennis matches.

Antonio Yoo


Antonio is one of our associate analytics engineers proficient in SQL, AWS, Python, and Looker, leveraging his expertise to optimize SQL queries and develop ETL processes for businesses. Beyond his technical expertise, he finds joy in playing football and embarking on epic road trips to explore new destinations.

Simba and Nala


Meet Nala and Simba, the dynamic duo behind all the tail-wags at NexusLeap. As our Chief Barketing Officers they work to keep pawductivity high and employees happy by ensuring that every team meeting includes mandatory belly rub breaks and impromptu squirrel-chasing sessions to keep morale high and tails wagging.

Data Insights Solutions for Growth

Unlock the power of data with our tailored solutions for informed decision-making and sustainable growth strategies.

Decision Hub

Centralize and analyze data for strategic insights, enabling proactive decision-making and competitive advantage.

Revenue Booster

Identify revenue opportunities and optimize operations for increased profitability and sustainable growth.

Madhav and team members at the NexusLeap office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of cloud based analytics?

Cloud analytics allows companies to make decisions based on the evidence. With cloud analytics, companies aren't just reacting, but allows them to create a game plan, execute, and measure results. In return they can grow revenue, cut costs, be more resilient, and stay ahead of the changing landscape.

What do you offer?

Our services are not a one size fits all. We customize our solutions based on your business needs. We have worked with a variety of clients in different industries and of different sizes ranging from start ups to fortune 500 companies, to improve the overall productivity and decision making. Our services range from from modernizing analytical infrastructure incrementally into the cloud to building customized analytical tools with your existing data feeds to gain visibility into customer and production insights. We are happy to discuss how our services can optimize and maximize profitability for your business!
Coming Soon: Case Studies

How do I begin?

Begin by contacting us HERE.

What sets you apart?

We work with you directly to learn about your business and business needs. We will help generate scalable solutions that can better manage and analyze your data. He is what some of our clients have to say:    

- “Most other firms would force you to do it their way, and I NexusLeap did it our way, but in a way that helped us” – Andrew McGrath    
- "I think one of the key differentiators I have seen working with NexusLeap is the willingness to not take shortcuts." -Bryan Aldridge
- “What I like about NexusLeap is you guys are a boutique shop purely focused on data and data in the cloud I like the specialized approach so I can come with a business problem that specifically caters to that and you guys are there” – Mani Gunasekaran